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About Dahlia

Dahlia Artesanal was inspired by my mother's countless trips to our beautiful Estado de Michoacán, Mexico. She kept her family and friends connected to their roots. Similar to my mother, I made it my mission to connect the rest of the world to a little piece of our heritage, "Un pedacito de Mexico." I've sourced the highest quality products, hand-selected each item, and ensured fair trade. Not only are the artisans paid fair wages, but a portion of the proceeds go directly to the artisans and the indigenous community to which they belong. Dahlia Artesanal was born to keep our culture alive. I take pride in my Mexican heritage, and I've made it my quest to ship a piece of Mexico to your front door.

The Dahlia plants are native to Mexico. The hands that create these handcrafted pieces are just as native to the lands of Mexico as the Dahlia. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality product and experience to our customers.

The colors will set the mood for the occasion, and the designs will have everyone asking where you got that from. See for yourself and allow Dahlia Artesanal to make your experience one to remember!